Lost Turkey Trail Race


June, 2023

Start Time : TBD
Number of Places : TBD

The Lost Turkey Trail Races are a challenging set of races through the Pennsylvania Appalachians. Unfortunately, the marathon no longer takes place. However, there is a Lost Turkey Trail 50K, a 50 mile ultra and a half marathon.

Lost Turkey Trail 50K Route
Runners follow a course marked with orange, and then red paint blazes. The trail widens and norrows thoughout the race, passing next to some steep ridges and crossing some streams.

The race starts at the Blue Knob State Park & Ski Resort. From there participants follow a winding trail that starts as easy to moderately challenging. After 14 miles the route becomes much more difficult. This includes some hilly sections, with a tough climb over the last three miles to the top of Blue Knob.

Lost Turkey Trail Entry
* 50-mile ultra : TBD
* 50K race : TBD
* Half marathon : TBD
* Registration Deadline : TBD

Contact Details
Contact : Michele Jacoby
Email : lostturkeyultra@gmail.com
Website : https://www.facebook.com

Further Information
* Cut-off Time : All participants will be expected to finish within 9 hours.

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