Sri Chinmoy Marathon


August, 2024

Start Time : TBD
Number of Places : TBD

Sri Chinmoy Marathon is organised by the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team, an organisation formed in 1977 by students of the Indian meditation master, author, poet and philosopher Sri Chinmoy.

Sri Chinmoy Marathon Route
Runners follow a beautifully scenic, "pancake flat", 2.95-mile loop around Rockland Lake. The route was repaved in 2020 so is flat, smooth, and free of potholes and cracks. The marathon is 1 partial 2.72 mile lap, + 8 full laps. All runners' laps will be counted.

Sri Chinmoy Marathon Entry
* Entry Fee : TBD
* Registration Deadline : TBD

Contact Details
Contact : Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team
Tel. : 718 297 2556
Email :
Website :

Further Information
* Cut-off Time : All participants will be expected to finish within 7 hours.
* Boston Qualifier : Yes

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